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Company objective:
      Company objective:leading technology, and reliable performance
Company mission
     Company mission: provide the best product and service               
                Continuously help customer improve productivity, raise social quality
                Build development platform for the industry
Company target
      Company target: to create the Chinese first brand, and strive for the modernization of manufacturing industry。
Core values
      Core values: honesty, code of honor, responsibility, commitment, hard-working, innovation, unity, efficiency,
                quality and safety, working for perfection
      Honesty and honor: keep promise, tell the truth, work carefully, and be honest people。
      Responsibility and commitment: be responsible to the company, to the family, to clients, and to the society; take
                care to every details, pay attention to everything, devote to work, and concentrate on achieving company
      Hardworking: be integrity, and an earth people, each people shall be responsible for his work, work hard,

                 and satisfactorily perform his work。
      Innovation: everyday hardworking, improving and innovating。
      Unity: the success of the business will depend on the united force of the team, workmates and families, and

                 friends shall be empathy and help each other。
      Efficiency: each person shall efficiently perform his work 。
      Quality and safety: the success of the company will depend on the quality, and company’s future rely on safety.
                 Safety shall be priority。
      Working to perfection:attention shall be paid to each details, work shall be done to perfection. Make the best
                 product and be a best employee。

Company ideology
      Management idea:humane, scientific, specification, and Institutionalized。
      Action attitude:provide service to the subordinate, and be obedient to the senior, everyday’s work shall be

                 properly done for everyday。
      Work idea:work with mind and wisely; work harder than those already working hard, work more careful than those

                 already working careful。
      Team idea:helping others is equal to helping ourselves, supporting others means support us. Do not like a beach

                 stone fighting with each other, but help others like a star。
      Quality idea:standards will decide the company level, working for perfection will produce perfect products。
      Talent concept:excellent employees are most valuable, and common workers are very important
      Development concept:continuous learning, stable improving, prosper with company’s prosper, and develop with the

                 company’s development。
      Devotion concept:give up the self for the society, sacrifice self interest for the benefit of others, the world

                 will become more beautiful if every people can give his/her love。
      Marketing concept:to create values for the customers with heart and with the quality and economic products。
      Service concept:respect customers, understand customers, and constantly offer the unexpected best products to

      Competition concept:based on honesty, and fair competition, develop and win together, and excel with quality。
      Innovation concept:innovation shall never stop, work in line with modern technology, and challenge the world

      Saving concept:to earn what is deserved, and what is saved is profit。
      Salary concept:working will decide result, performance will produce profit。
      Brand concept:to the true, to the excellence, and to the perfection。  


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