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1-station thermoforming machine
3-station thermoforming machine
4-station thermoforming machine
Automatic cutting machines
Service target
      one purchase and life-long service
After-sale training
      the company can provide training to the operators and maintenance workers for the equipment performance,

      characteristics, daily maintenance, working principle, function of each sub-system, calibration and operation of

      equipment, trouble-shooting method, and safety so that the trained people will independently operate and solve the

      ordinary common problem。

     at the first year of operation, Ouxin shall provide technician to the client at once per half year for technical

      training and after-sale service, the technician shall provide testing report and improving suggestion。

      Ouxin provide a one-year warranty to its product after its installation and inspection testing, during which

      period, the company shall provide free technical assistance, and replacement part for damage caused not by

      customer’s incorrect operation. In case the problem cannot be solved through telephone or internet, Ouxin shall

      send its repairperson to the client premises and provide the after-sales service。

Customer complaints
      complaining phones (24hr): 13906420872 13605329703 Fax: 0532-88704366 Email:

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