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4-station thermoforming machine
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4 station thermoforming machine


       For large refrigerator factory, 4 station thermoforming machines are recommended, which can automatically load and unload with the processes of loading, heating and forming。

       This model adopts SIEMENS temperature control card, servo motors, vacuum forming and low cooling temperatures, which has the advantages of efficiency, energy saving and automatic。

       For loading, vacuum cups shall pick up the sheet and put them on centering units, which shall ultimately be transported with chains on the guard rails. Since the sheets are moved atop the chains, there is no friction with the chains, no powder shall be produced and, as a result, the sheet will not be scrapped during transportation。

       Sheets are preheated and the heating time is shortened。

       The heaters are composed of quartz radiators which can be adjusted upward and downwards. Far infrared thermo-detector (Raytek) can directly detect the sheets’ temperatures and avoid the influence of ambient temperatures。

       At forming, the air for producing bubbles and mould removing are adjusted with pneumatic angle valve and proportioning valve; and high sensitive sensors shall be used to fix the height for forming and ensure the production uniformity。

       It is assisted with compressed air to make the sheet closely contact the mould with a good forming effect, short forming time and high production rate。

       Low temperature cooling is used to have good cooling effect and short cooling time。

       Since this model has shorter heating time, its efficiency is higher than 3-station model, and its production rate can be as high as 100-120 pc/hr。

       Through the use of thermoforming and compressed air, product quality is stabilized and qualified rate can be as high as 98%。

       Inner liner thickness can be reduced to 3.0-3.2mm, which can save 20% of raw materials cost as compared with the sheets of 3.6-3.8mm thickness。

       technical specifications:




L15000*W4500*H4500 mm

forming size


maximum forming depth


forming method

male mould forming, compressed air assisting forming (optional)



sheet thickness


Production rate

100-120 set/hr for thickness 3.0-4.0mm

120-144 set/hr for thickness 1.0-1.6mm

Qualified rate


Power source

3 phase 380v 320KW

air source

0.6-0.8 MPa


SEW Servo motor

lectric control system

SIEMENS PLC control system

heating system

SIEMENS HS716 heating control system/solid relay (optional)

Pneumatic components

SMC pneumatic component/FESTO pneumatic components

Vacuum pump

Germany BECKER/oil-free vacuum pump/ring vacuum pump (optional)

Mould temperature controller, cooling unit

Shanghai Wang/Zhangjiagang Globe/Qingdao Jinzhi (optional)



4 station thermoforming machine In the production line


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