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1-station thermoforming machine
3-station thermoforming machine
4-station thermoforming machine
Automatic cutting machines
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Vacuum thermoforming equipment Model

Single station thermoforming machine
      This is small-sized thermoforming equipment, especially suitable for production of small pieces
of refrigerator cabinet inner liner, door liner,
auto-panels, and door inner panels
3-station thermoforming machine
      For large refrigerator manufacturers, multi
-station thermoforming machines are recommended which
 can automatically load and unload with the processes
 of loading, heating and forming
4 station thermoforming machine
      For large refrigerator factory, 4 station thermoforming machines are recommended, which can automatically load and unload with the processes of loading, heating and forming
Automatic cutting machines
      Specially designed for multi-station thermoforming machines, at the end of thermoforming, the inner liner shall be moved to the cutting machine and cut its four sides. At the end of the cutting, vacuum cups shall pick up them and move to the unloading station

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